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Jump & Bounce Northumberland

Disco Services

Jump & Bounce Northumberland Disco Services we offer: 

Standard  Disco's

We come along and setup our fantastic Disco System with Disco Lights and speaker system.

Our DJ will play the right music for the right crowd.

If you wish to supply your own prizes for some games that is fine our DJ will play some games with the party guests  


Disco & Entertainment

As above except here is the difference. Jump & Bounce Northumberland will supply the prizes for the games and also we will supply up to 30 Sweet Cones so party guests dont go away empty handed. We also bring our crazy childrens entertainer  who loves making kids happy.

Everyone is a winner with Jump & Bounce Northumberland.


We can supply more Sweet Cones for an additonal cost please ask when contacting us if you require more than 30.


Our Entertainment is fully flexible and usually lasts up to an hour depending on the crowd participation. Our Disco's last the length of of your party or event. We can work with you to decide when you want the entertainment part of the service and anything else.

As an extra special touch we ask for the Birthday Child's favourite songs so we can have them on the system so the

birthday child can dance and enjoy all the fun

Jump & Bounce Northumberland believe in children enjoying themselves, making memories with friends and family

Please note: We will never force children to take part any games if they do not wish too as we understand not all children want to take part in games.

Smoke machines and Strobe lights maybe used with our Disco System but we will check with you and your venue if these are aloud to be used. 



Some Pictures And Videos Below of our Discos with the Entertainment Team 

UV Glow In The Dark Parties / Kids Raves / Family Raves 


UV Parties from aged 5 to Teenagers even Family Raves too.. 2 hours of UV Painting using quality UV paints to give you the Festival look

Our DJ Nelly ( Co Owner ) Creats a awesome atmosphere

Customised Playlists from the customer


JBN's UV Parties are for 2 hours or 3 hours but can be for longer just ask us.

Jump & Bounce Northumberland's

DJ Nelly

Jump & Bounce Northumberland's very own co-owner Neil goes by the name of DJ Nelly as

Nelly is also a volunteer at Oxygen Community Radio Bedlington

His Show Club Classics is every Friday Night From 7pm till Midnight ( 10pm - Midnight is Nelly Live In The Mix)


Neil ( Nelly ) has always been interested in Dance music from the early 90's when growing up. Nelly and the rest of the entertainment team love nothing more than to see people enjoy themselves whilst playing a wide variety of music including his favourite genre which is Dance Music...

Did you know when our very own DJ Nelly is not working for Jump & Bounce Northumberland or volunteering with Oxygen or spending some time with Sarah and the Kids and he has some down time he likes to mix dance tracks and he even has his own Facebook, Mixcloud & Soundcloud pages where you can hear mixes that he has compiled.


Listen to Nelly's Mixes by clicking on the Mixcloud Link


Please Note Nelly's 2 Hour Mixes as part of Club Classics on Oxygen Radio UK

are updated on Mixcloud weekly.


All tracks used by Nelly in his mixes are all bought using the correct channels

and are owned by there own respective owners........ 

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Click on the Oxygen link below to listen in live 

Click on the link below to keep up to date with Oxygen Radio UK via there website